What is my visual identity?

Your outward appearance based on your inner culture. This is your logo, your colours, your business cards, your packaging, your social media pages, your advertising, your apparel, your website, and how all of that ties together visually. Once we’ve established your brand and direction, we can start designing your look. Your visual identity can directly affect the experience a person has your product or business. It should reflect who you are and how you want people to see that. In the food industry, certain colours change way people desire a meal and even affect how something tastes. We can create this type of experience in any industry by crafting the right logo, selecting the right colours, creating patterns and illustrations that match your brand, and making sure they’re all consistent with each other. We’ll look at what you represent, what your competition looks like, and how we can make sure you don’t blend in to your surroundings.

If you need a basic website (Squarespace) I can provide one for you. Just include it when we discuss your deliverables.

Pricing Varies.

Want me to design your visual identity?