What is my brand?

The impression you leave on people. It’s what comes to mind when someone thinks of you. It’s more than just your name, logo, and colours – it’s the impact your values, customer service, and product have on someone. The questions you should be asking are: What are people associating us with? When someone talks about us, what type of language do they use to describe us? What senses are we appealing to and what’s unappealing about us? Are people enjoying the experience we’re providing? What are people’s perception of us?

It’s impossible to control what every single person will think of you and you shouldn’t worry about that. When you hire me to help with your brand, we’re attempting to attract the right type of people to your brand and influence the way that specific population perceives you.

If you need a basic website (Squarespace) I can provide one for you. Just include it when we discuss your deliverables.

Pricing Varies.

Want me to help craft your brand?