What is BrandFlare?

It doesn’t take a month to craft the perfect visual solution for your business. Designers are often swamped with numerous projects at once, communication becomes spread out, inconsistent, and lacks serious structure. The BrandFlare is a streamlined 3 day process in which I focus solely on your business. Before the process begins we will schedule out specific times for presentation, feedback, and final delivery to ensure your needs are met efficiently.

But what about the quality? Despite the compressed time period, the deliverables do not lose any quality because I perform a large portion of the groundwork ahead of time. You already have a concrete idea of who you are and what direction you’re headed – this will show in a short questionnaire that will be filled out to initiate the process. Using a questionnaire eliminates potential drawn out communication and gets things moving right away. Once your request is received, we will talk over the phone to ensure all your information is correct, and book your 3 day intensive. This pre-planning and groundwork that I conduct requires no effort on your behalf and allows us to squeeze everything into a 3 day period without losing time to delayed e-mail correspondence.

What if we need more? Getting your name, idea, and look out to your immediate network is the first important step to take when starting out. The BrandFlare takes care of these essentials so that you can let everyone know you exist as soon as possible. When it comes time for a more advanced visual identity (patterns, icons, leave behinds, pamphlets, custom stationary, social media content, ads, etc.), we’ve already laid the foundation of your brand so that we can easily expand the look of your business in the future. We’re familiar with each other, you now have a little more time to be selective, and we can negotiate a fair price to continue working together based on the materials you’ll need.