Branding & Graphic Design Services,
London Ontario

What sets me apart from others?
The process.


I'm going to make sure I understand your business, your brand personality, and what your competition looks like before I even begin sketching out concepts. Other designers will see your business name and hastily come up with a design that most likely will not suit your needs. In order to craft the perfect identity it’s important to understand the message that needs to be communicated and what appeals to the target audience. A beautiful logo is nothing more than a beautiful logo if it misses its mark and sends the wrong message.


Running a business in our current era can be absolutely nuts. I know that your time is your most valuable asset and I will not waste it! I will ensure that my primary focus is your business – our communication will be mapped out and planned in advance, a strict deadline will be set, and your source files will be delivered upon completion. This sounds great – and it is – but it requires clear communication and cooperation, so at the outset we will make sure that the process fits into your schedule.

Quality Design

Let's not forget the reason you're here: you need a professional look that reflects your high quality product or service. There are thousands of designers who will create a cheap logo for you, but it's going to reflect poorly on your business. In the same way people have a hard time wanting to eat a bruised fruit, it will be difficult for your potential clients to trust what you offer if your branding looks cheap and poorly made. Your business deserves an identity that communicates how much passion and hard work goes into it.